Technical Certifications

Asphalt  Quality Control Approval Training
Flexible Pavements of Ohio cooperates with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) in providing training in asphalt concrete quality control which leads to approval by ODOT for individuals to perform certain asphalt concrete quality control functions on projects constructed under ODOT specifications.

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Three courses are offered each year  during the winter (see the FPO calendar page for scheduling and registration) to qualify individuals for ODOT approval and are described as follows:

Asphalt Quality Control Technician Training (Level 2 Technician Training)
Flexible Pavements of Ohio offers this training course to prepare individuals having basic lab familiarity to take the ODOT Level 2 Asphalt Technician Exam.  On the final day of the course, students will have the opportunity to take the ODOT written examination for Level 2 Asphalt Concrete Technician approval.   Refer to the training manual for detailed information on this course.

The training course and test is two and one-half days in the classroom.  Individuals successfully passing the written test will be scheduled for a half day in the laboratory for a hands-on, practical test of knowledge of the basic QC tests.  

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Comprehensive Asphalt Mix Design School (Level 3 Technician Training)
This course meets the requirements for Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) HT306, Asphalt Technician Level 3 training. It is designed to give the participants a working knowledge of the principles associated with asphalt concrete volumetric mix design. On the final day of the course, students will have the opportunity to take the ODOT examination for Level 3 Asphalt Concrete Technician approval.  Applicants for this course must hold ODOT Asphalt Technician Level 2 approval as prerquisite.

The course involves 4 days of classroom and laboratory instruction (typically Monday thru Thursday).  On the fifth day (typically Friday) participants will take the ODOT examination for Asphalt Technician Level 3 approval.

View the sample Course Agenda and Manual Contents (PDF) on this page.

Field Quality Control Supervisor Training
This Seminar provides the training for individuals having at least two years experience in asphalt concrete paving that is required to become approved to perform the Field Quality Control Supervisor (FQCS) function on ODOT projects or to acquire re-approval after five years since the previous training. FQCS approval could also qualify a technician to perform acceptance or quality control  coring.

The FQCS initiative extends the process of contractor quality control to the placement procedure where contractor personnel control the quality of their work without direction from agency personnel and is required by ODOT specifications (403.03.A and S 1041). The course is a one-day classroom seminar that covers the requirements of ODOT asphalt concrete construction specifications.

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