My hot mix asphalt pavement, that otherwise performs well, ruts and corrugates at signalized intersections. What can I do to correct and prevent this condition?

Heavy loads starting and stopping at signalized intersections place a very high stress on the pavement compared to the same loads that are constantly moving. In these areas special hot mix asphalt (HMA) mixtures are required to provide high stability that will resist these high stresses. Correcting this condition requires removing all the unstable material down to a layer that is not deforming and replacing it with a high stress mixture. There are many HMA mixes that can used for this purpose. Which is most appropriate depends largely on the quantity of material to be produced. For more information on high stress treatments see our "Standard Practice for the Treatment of High Stress Locations Using Hot Mix Asphalt" or High Stress Pavement Demonstrated in Fostoria, Ohio.