What is Rubblization?

Rubblization is a cost-effective means of rehabilitating deteriorated portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements and is one of a series of "fractured slab" techniques that also includes "break and seat" and "crack and seat". In Rubblization the existing concrete pavement is broken into an aggregate base, and then it is overlaid with a designed thickness of asphalt concrete. These pavement rehabilitations are commonly designed to equal or exceed the design parameters for new pavements. This technique minimizes delays and allows for construction during off-peak hours. The rubblized roadbed is left in place and used as part of the new pavement structure. This not only saves landfill space and the costly construction necessary to dispose of wasted material, but uses the material for a beneficial and cost saving purpose.

For more information on Rubblization, view the article Arkansas' Interstate Rehabilitation Program.

And the see the articles in the "Ohio Hot-Mix Asphalt Current News":  "I-77 Rubblization", Vol 11 No. 2, June 2002; "Medina 271 Completed", Vol 11 no. 1, Mar 2002 and "City of Blue Ash Tries Rubblization", Vol 10 No. 3, Sept. 2001.  These articles can be found in the Newsletter Archives.