ODOT announces process for re-approval of FQCS personnel.

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Mr. Bill Fair
Flexible Pavements of Ohio
525 Metro Place North, Suite 101
Dublin, OH 43017-5504

Dear Mr. Fair,

It is hoped this communication will give proper guidance to your members in what the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) would accept in the way of re-approval training for the Field Quality Control Supervisor (FQCS) program.

As you know ODOT approval of new FQCS personnel is given after their showing evidence of having attended the FQCS school provided by Flexible Pavements of Ohio. That approval is listed on our web site and is valid for five years. The web site can be found at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/Asp... It is the responsibility of each company to check the web site regularly and notify us of the need for additions or removal of personnel from the list. If not notified of changes in status ODOT reserves the right to remove personnel who are well beyond their five year re-approval period.

Recently the question of re-approvals has come up since we are at the five year mark with the FQCS program. FPO has proposed using a guidance document that outlines necessary FQCS training elements that contractors could possibly use in their own training programs. ODOT has commented on this document and the latest version (attached) is very acceptable. Therefore, if a contractor desires to conduct their own training for FQCS re-approval they may as long as the training includes the required training elements and ODOT has approved the training program. ODOT would then agree to re-approve contractor FQCS personnel based on this training. If a contractor does not wish to conduct their own training then FPO would conduct the re-approval training.

Contractors who wish to conduct their own FQCS re-approval training have expressed a desire to include that training with other industry-related training in winter training programs. ODOT would like to see each contractor create their own training program. Our interest would be that the FQCS training elements as attached are included in the contractors’ training programs. The process for making this happen would be as follows:

  1. The contractor contacts FPO for guidance on the proper training elements content.
  2. The contractor develops their training program by creating an outline of training topics that will be included. Training may be multiyear or completed in a single year.
  3. The contractor submits the proposed Training Outline to the Asphalt Materials section of the Office of Materials Management at ODOT.
  4. ODOT would review the Training Outline to determine if its contents are acceptable for FQCS re-approval training.
  5. Once notified of approval the training can take place and the contractor would notify ODOT of FQCS re-approval attendees for updating the ODOT web site.

There are three important caveats:

  1. A FQCS can have their approval status updated prior to reaching the five year approval limit. i.e. If a FQCS obtains re-approval training at year four that is OK. The new approved date will be placed next to their name on the web site. (We would not like to see this happening much less than at four years though.)
  2. The ODOT web site is the official list of FQCS personnel. Quality Control Plans or other lists of FQCS personnel are not the official listing.
  3. FQCS personnel currently listed on the web site have the responsibility of maintaining their FQCS approval. Thus they must attain it through their company training or through FPO. AnyFQCSnotupdatingtheirapprovalwillhavetheirnameremovedfromtheweb site. To attain FQCS approval after removal they must attend the FPO school.

I hope this approach works for all. ODOT strongly supports this program and FPO in its efforts to properly maintain the integrity and purpose of this program.


Lloyd M. Welker, Jr., P.E.
Administrator, Office of Materials Management
David B. Powers, P.E.
Asphalt Materials Engineer