2018 Quality Asphalt Paving Awards

Flexible Pavements of Ohio’s (FPO) Quality Asphalt Paving Awards recognizes asphalt paving contractors and project owners for their appreciation of the value and performance of quality asphalt pavement construction.

FPO recognized 64 projects constructed in 2018 at the Awards Luncheon on March 26, 2019 during the Ohio Asphalt Expo in Columbus, Ohio. These projects represented a diverse spectrum of pavement uses from high volume interstates to low volume local roads, parking lots and airport runways. In addition, two projects were recognized with the Master Craftsman Award for pavements which have been is service for more than 15 years with minimal maintenance.

Select the link to view the projects recognized for 2018 and all award projects since 2003 can be accessed here.

Please contact FPO at (614) 791-3600 for additional information regarding the awards program.