Ohio Asphalt is the quarterly magazine of FPO.

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Ohio Asphalt is the official publication of Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO) and is published quarterly. Ohio Asphalt is circulated statewide to a large yet select list of subscribers, which includes FPO members, government officials like ODOT, Engineers, County Road Superintendents, Mayors, Purchasing Agents, Legislature etc., Educational Institutions, Development Organizations and more. Top business owners are also kept informed through Ohio Asphalt.

Ohio Asphalt contains valuable news and articles regarding the most up-to-date information in respect to the construction industry and related areas of interest as well as FPO members, company news and FPO events.

The editorial content of Ohio Asphalt showcases the concerns of the construction and asphalt pavement industry. Advancement of the highway flexible pavements industry through the works of FPO is the primary purpose of Ohio Asphalt. Another goal is to provide a voice to political and private-sector decision makers that shape the future of the flexible pavements industry, as well as advancing the interests of FPO and its members by providing positive construction related content across a broad spectrum of industry topics. For More Information About Ohio Asphalt Mark Wolf, Advertising Sales Representative mwolf@triad-inc.com 866-679-9340 • fax: 614.846.8763