Quality Asphalt Paving Awards

Resurfacing of State Route 91 Part 1 & 2 from Fishcreek Rd. to Norton Rd. in the City of Stow
Rehabilitation of Interstate 70 from Clark Rd. to Bellaire-High Ridge Rd. in Belmont Co.
Construction of Roundabout at Lovers Ln. & Mall Rd. in the City of Steubenville
Little Miami Trail Improvement Project
Intersection Improvement of State Route 125 & Five Mile Rd. in Hamilton Co.
U.S. Route 250 from Tuscarawas Co. to Tappan Lake in Harrison Co.
Resurfacing of State Route 91 from Miles Rd. to State Route 87 in the Village of Moreland Hills
Resurfacing of Parking Lots and Access Drives at Knox Community Hospital in the City of Mount Vernon
Resurfacing of State Route 350 from State Route 123 to Middleboro Rd. in Warren Co.
Resurfacing of Parking Lot at the Pine Ridge Country Club in Lake Co.
Resurfacing of E. Franklin St. from N. Main St. to Clyo Rd. in the City of Centerville
Resurfacing of Water St. from Campbell Rd. to S. Miami Ave. in the City of Sidney
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Flexible Pavements of Ohio’s (FPO) Quality Asphalt Paving Awards recognizes asphalt paving contractors and project owners for their appreciation of the value and performance of quality asphalt...