Design Guide

FPO's  "Asphalt Pavement Design and Construction Guide" is currently out of print and unavailable for sale.   Select sections of the guide have been updated and are listed here in PDF format.  Please contact FPO at (614) 791-3600 or with any questions or additional information.

FPO offers its "Asphalt Pavement Design and Construction Guide" for sale to interested parties.

The purpose of the "Design and Construction Guide" is to encourage good asphalt pavement design and construction practices, consistent with Ohio's environmental conditions, foundation soils, readily available paving materials, and local experience. The objective is to set forth design and construction practices which have produced hot mix asphalt pavements having a proven record of economy, good performance and lasting value.

This Guide focuses on the design and construction of asphalt pavements for local roads and streets, commercial lots and drives and other kinds of facilities. The work may differ from highway projects in some respects, but the principles are the same. By keeping reasonably close to them, the benefits proven in HMA street and highway construction can be obtained in other work. In the guide the basic principles are applied to the design and construction of pavements for a variety of uses, including streets, parking lots, drives and recreational facilities. The Guide is furnished in a 3-ring binder for ease of addition and revision. Purchasers who register their copy of the Guide will receive free additions and revisions as they are published.